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Digital Tension's Photography Journal's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Digital Tension's Photography Journal

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[22 Nov 2009|05:09am]

im kind of missing taking portraits as im browing around other peoples art work i have a couple of ideas but eh i dont know i really dont miss interacting with people though but photoshoots are always fun depending on who you're working with anyway.. maybe i will do one soon i really need to start working again..
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Mmmm Burger! [18 Oct 2009|08:13am]

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[11 Sep 2009|07:40am]

The first and best cat that i have ever had..words cant describe how broken hearted i am to not have you here next to me like you have been for these past two years of my life. You made me so happy and i will miss you so much. i hope that i made it the best 2 years of your life. i fell in love with you immediately that morning i saw you sitting there on the couch while you just starred up at me with your percious tiny blue eyes, which instantly melted a my heart. i remember the first time i picked you up, you fit perfectly in the palm of my hand and you just sat there calmly and never tried to run away. You were so tiny and brave and determined to hop on the couch to sit next to me as a kitten. even though it was too high of a jump for you as a baby you didnt stop trying till you made it on the couch. it was one of the cutest things ever. Thank you for all the cute moments i will remember forever. i love you..
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NY has blazing heat!! [05 Aug 2009|06:27pm]

this is the manhattan bridge on the brooklyn side which i found to be noncrowded compared to the NY side which was overly croweded as usual! my trip to NY was awesome! i got to see a lot of things and i didnt get to see a lot of things i wanted to. this city is far too MASSIVE to even try and explore for a couple of days. i drank many gallons of water to keep myself hydrated during the horrid heat of which im not used to anymore. im so spoiled with this amazing beach weather.
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Along the coast [25 Jul 2009|05:58pm]

my adventure up the coast was so much fun!

i finally fixed my saturation problems with my pictures i just have to change to color profiles or whatever that junk is called i hate all this technical crap that comes with this..

anyway this is the waterfall that i have been wanting to go to for over a year now. the first time i saw a picture of it on someone elses flickr account i just had to find out where it was and luckly i found it. not too far of a hike at actually.. i just wanted to jump in the water the whole trip with the scenery i just really dont have the words to discribe it really but i'll let me pictures do all the talking.. its illegal to hike down to the beach cause its so dangerous, but its not illegal to be on the beach...

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Tales of the sea [24 Jul 2009|11:21pm]

i was lucky enough to get this shot since the aquarium was sooooooooooooooooooo unbelievably crowded last week! anyway i post more picture of my adventure up the coast later....

anyway a month ago or so  i was looking to purchase a fast lens. i first was deciding between the canon 28-200 2.8, Tamron 28-200 2.8 wide angle or the sigma 24-200 2.8 wide angle... of course i did my research and according to price and all canon was deffinately out of the picture, the lens would have cost me a whopping $600 or more and even though most of the photographers did indeed recommend that canon lens because it produces such sharp and crisp images and i dont doubt it but im on a budget

so then after that it was between tamron and sigma... sigma doesnt have a good repuation for being a good lens at all and its fairly cheap but for the same price as the tamron and tamron has a way better repuation then sigma. i compared peoples photographs online and found that sigma is just a soft lens... i dont like soft lenses i like strong sharp images for the most part...

so obviously i went with the *drum roll please* TAMRON 2.8 and as you can see from this image it produces shots just as good as the canon not totally identical but almost and im so happy with it!!! 

after reading all the reviews a lot of photographers were saying why not just go with something just as good as the canon lens.... you always have to read reviews and compare pictures taken with lenses they can be kind of tricky to pick out cause theres so much to take into consideration.......
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[24 Jul 2009|12:33am]

im on facebook, so add me already will ya!

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Product Shot [30 Jun 2009|11:23pm]

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fat chetto [23 May 2009|11:38am]

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[21 Apr 2009|05:09pm]

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[20 Apr 2009|11:02pm]

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[18 Apr 2009|11:21pm]

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2nd time around this time with a BETTER camera! [16 Apr 2009|04:03pm]

i like taking pictures of jelly flish....this was at the long beach aquarium. my second time here but this time it was a lot more fun because i had a way better camera with me!
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[24 Feb 2009|03:56am]
my cat is outside of my door crying because he wants to come in my room just so he can make a mess and jump out of my window to go play outside.. i really dont like him going outside though.. i dont want to close my window cause its hot.. my poor baby... too bad fatty...
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The parade was the best! [23 Feb 2009|05:15pm]

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massive chinatown San Francisco, ca [22 Feb 2009|10:28pm]

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[18 Feb 2009|06:45pm]

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Muir Woods [10 Feb 2009|10:58pm]

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ROAD TRIP!! [23 Jan 2009|05:00pm]

i want to road trip to Mount Shasta its one of americas most mysterious places!

The Mystery: This stunning snow-capped peak in the Cascade Mountain range, 60 miles south of the Oregon border, has long been considered one of the planet’s great “cosmic power spots,” luring everyone from Native Americans to Buddhist monks and hippies. Its sacred slopes are home to a potpourri of mysteries: spontaneous altered states; UFO sightings; crystal caves; encounters with Ascended Masters; underground military bases; even the rumored home to Lemurians, surviving members of a sensitive super-race some believe existed 12,000 years ago during the time of Atlantis.

Fact: A chance encounter with a strange group of warm, seemingly enlightened people in Shasta Valley inspired James Hilton to author the classic 1933 novel Lost Horizon, a tale about the idyllic community of Shangri-La. Others claim similar real-life experiences, but the mountain’s sheer natural beauty is inspiration enough for most.

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[07 Jan 2009|10:54pm]

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