Digital Tension's Photography Journal (digitaltension) wrote,
Digital Tension's Photography Journal

The first and best cat that i have ever had..words cant describe how broken hearted i am to not have you here next to me like you have been for these past two years of my life. You made me so happy and i will miss you so much. i hope that i made it the best 2 years of your life. i fell in love with you immediately that morning i saw you sitting there on the couch while you just starred up at me with your percious tiny blue eyes, which instantly melted a my heart. i remember the first time i picked you up, you fit perfectly in the palm of my hand and you just sat there calmly and never tried to run away. You were so tiny and brave and determined to hop on the couch to sit next to me as a kitten. even though it was too high of a jump for you as a baby you didnt stop trying till you made it on the couch. it was one of the cutest things ever. Thank you for all the cute moments i will remember forever. i love you..
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